Photos at Bankstown Airport YSBK

My kids love to watch aircrafts at Bansktwon Airport: we have some favorite viewing spots, each of them are just a couple of minutes drive from our house.

I usually don't take pictures, but when we saw unusual aircrafts or activities, we take some pictures.

Erickson Air-Crane wtih a retardant tank? (Jan.31,2009)

These guys are huge! My kids were really excited finding these (there were three of those: you can see the tail of the second one behind the first one in this photo, but not the third one). I saw same model spraying over the bushfire in VIC on TV follwoing week (I wonder those three actually flew to Victoria?) (55 kbytes)

Just a fuel truck...(Jan.31,2009)

Same spot as above, you can see nice Spitfire and adds by Temora Aviation Musiam. (67 kbytes)

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